Textron is aware of present growing environmental issues, and as a supporter of sustainable development, commits itself to the prevention, protection and conservation of the environment in all its activities. Textron’s environmental policy is inspired by two basic principles: to comply with all applicable environmental regulations and to dedicate itself to the continuing improvement of its activities, with the aim of protecting the environment.

In order to put these two principles into practice, the management of Textron proposes the following:

To adopt the necessary measures to prevent contamination, and when this is not possible, to reduce emissions to a minimum.

To systematically reduce waste products, recycling and reusing them when possible, in addition to employing natural resources, raw materials and energy in an efficient manner.

To adopt all the necessary measures to guarantee the fulfillment of all European, Spanish, Autonomous and Local environmental regulations applicable to our activities, in addition to any other requirements to which the company may subscribe in the future.

To establish procedures for the periodical revision of objectives and environmental policy, and also for the application of corrective measures where non-fulfillment is detected.

To inform employees, customers, suppliers and others of environmental policy.

To educate employees and make them aware of environmental issues which may arise, empowering them to fully participate in respecting our policy in all their activities.